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Orange France 3G DATA SIM for iPad, Tablet PC, USB Dongle, MIfi or 3G Router PAYG FRANCE


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French Orange Lets Go 3G DATA SIM for iPad, 3g Dongle, Mifi or 3G  Router – Ready to Use in France PAYG

               french orange mobicarte 3g sim ready to use in france



Top up vouchers available -  2 gigabytes valid for one month - price 36 GBP. Ask for details.


There are internet packages available by the day or  week at reasonable rates. Data can also be purchased with Mobicarte top up vouchers which are available from tobacconists and  supermarkets in France.  Online or phone top up 3 euros for 200mb valid one day, 10 euros for 1 gigabyte  valid  7 days or 20 euros for two gig valid one month.

To get these  rates a Mastercard or Carte Bleu Visa registered in France is required. UK cards are not accepted for online top up. Use Mobicarte vouchers instead - see rates below

Rates for top up with Mobicarte vouchers work out at about 15 mb per euro. Vouchers go from 5 euros up to 100 euros. Get the better rates with Lets Go Vouchers available from Tabacs in France.

Full Mobicarte top up details here

Top up with a voucher is easy. Ring 0800 224 224 from France. First you are asked for the Lets Go sim telephone number. Enter the number. Select 2 Mobicarte top up next. Then you are asked for the top up voucher code. Wait for the tone, enter the code and you are finished. 

English instructions from the Lets Go leaflet here

  1. Shipped to you Prioritaire from France

  2. Engish start up guide

  3. Top up Mobicarte vouchers which can purchased all over France - see rates above.

  4. Comes with 500mb of data ready for immediate use in France

  5. This Sim is registered with Orange France and ready for immediate use.  If you prefer an unregistered Sim please let me know.  The registration procedure is very easy  and does not require any presence in France. You can use your  home address and telephone number.

  6. Top up vouchers available -  2 gigabytes valid for one month - price 36 GBP. Ask for details.

    Contents of Package - One Ready to Use Orange Lets Go 3G DATA SIM with 500mb data included


Product Code: ORA3DOHW56


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