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Orange France Mobicarte 3G Mobile Phone Sim French PrePaid PAYG + 500mb Data Top Up Voucher


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Product Information

French Orange Mobicarte 3G SIM – Ready to Use in France PAYG


Comes with Easy Start Guide in English


            Micro and Nano size Sims are available too - ask for details.


This Pay As You Go SIM is ready to use in any unlocked or Orange France phone. Comes with one Internet Max voucher (500mb valid for 14 day). Internet Max voucher is long dated - well into 2015.  Top up online or by telephone with a bank  card issued in France or Mobicarte vouchers. There are internet packages available at reasonable rates. Current rate for internet is 5 euros for  7 days (150mb) or 10 euros for 2 weeks (500mb). These can be purchased direct from your phone using existing credit from a simple menu system. Local calls are charged at 50 euro cents a minute.Good offers for calls from Orange France can be purchased from your phone using existing credit. For low cost calls in France AND online top up with an International bank card use Simyo - standard rate for calls in France with Simyo is 10 euro cents a minute. Ask for details.


  • This SIM is ready to make and receive phone calls at French local rates.
  • Just put the SIM in an unlocked phone or an Orange France phone
  • Comes with Internet Max Voucher (500mb valid for 14 days). Voucher valid well into 2015.
  • Add calling credit with  Mobicarte vouchers from tobacconists (TABAC)  and Supermarkets in France
  • Low rates for internet use in France. Packages can be purchased direct from your phone.
  • Sim valid for 6 months. The validity period is extended at each top up over 10 euros.
  • Use Lets Go SIM for iPad, tablets, 3G and Mifi Routers . See other 3G SIM listings.
  • Ships Prioritaire with La Poste France.


Contents of Package - One Ready to Use Orange Mobicarte 3G SIM with 500mb Internet Max Top Up Voucher

Product Code: 0NN6O53


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